10 Simple Healthy Eating Nudges to Help You Get More from Life

As we age, our metabolism slows down and weight gain becomes a sensitive issue. No matter what we do nothing seems to shift the weight. Here are some tips to help with nudging that weight a little that do not require deprivation and hunger.

Forget bribes and deprivation. When it comes to changing eating habits, a nudge is all we need to get started. Behavioral experts believe making small tweaks and nudges around the home can encourage anyone to make healthier choices to win the battle of the bulge.

The nudge theory was first made famous back in 2008 by Professor Richard Thaler. It is based on the idea that 80% of human behavior is automatic, with people responding to cues in the world around them.

Thus, nudges need to be easy and cheap to implement. The case of putting fruit on the counter top and at eye level is considered a nudge, whereas banning junk food in our homes does not work because this will be seen as trying to change behavior through restriction.

The beauty of nudging is that it is easy to do from home. Here are 10 simple nudges for you to try:

Use smaller plates and bowls to encourage you to try smaller portions of new food.

Place a bowl of fresh fruit within easy reach on the kitchen counter. In contrast, make unhealthy foods difficult to find and get to in the fridge and pantry.

To encourage movement, add a miniature basketball hoop to the back of the laundry door. Keep bikes and running shoes in easy-to-see and use places, such as the front or back door. Use smaller bins so you need to walk outside to empty them often. Always have sports gear in the boot of your car for impromptu activities.

For fun, use chalk on the driveway to draw up a hopscotch layout and go back to your childhood days and skip along as you walk to the front door. Set up a mini golf game in the living room and leave it there.

If you do not have a dog to take for a walk every day, ask around and see if a neighbor needs a hand with keeping their dog active.

Just implementing one change a day, or even a week, and making it a habit, may surprise you in what you can achieve through simple nudges.

What small things do you do to stay fit and healthy? What gentle nudges have you implemented this week to maintain a healthy living attitude? Which one of these tips do you use every day? Which would you add to the list. Please share in the comments.

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