Exercise the Gentle Way with Chair Yoga for Seniors

If you have never experienced the benefits of chair yoga for seniors, you’re in for a treat! Over the last couple of years, I’ve become addicted to this simple, yet powerful, practice. I hope that my passion for chair yoga encourages you to give it a shot!

By the time you reach your 60th birthday, you have probably taken two million steps. If you are like most of us, you have probably also dealt with your share of injuries or illnesses. Maybe you have had a hip replacement. Or maybe, like me, you have experienced a broken ankle (or two).

As we reach our 60s, we know instinctively that keeping fit and flexible is essential. But most of us have little tolerance for gyms and aerobics classes.

So, what’s the alternative? Many women I know have turned to gentle yoga, which is a fantastic option for getting in shape after 60. But what if you have mobility problems or are just feeling a bit fragile these days? Maybe it’s time to consider chair yoga.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “How could sitting in a chair possibly be good exercise?” Well, based on my own experience with chair yoga, I can tell you that it is surprisingly effective. Best of all, because it is so accessible, it is the kind of exercise option that you will do every single day.


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