How to Find Mental Balance in Your Life After 60

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” — Leonardo Da Vinci

Mental balance is a skill controlled by our minds.

I think living a ‘balanced’ lifestyle is an art because, like art, it is a skill. Like art we create our palate. What is considered balance for one is not considered balance for all. But one thing is true, our success as creators of a balanced lifestyle is based on mind over matter.

The person who can balance their lifestyle knows ‘peace of mind’ outweighs chaos. They have often adopted this new lifestyle out of personal frustration.

So many of us ride a daily teeter-totter – up and down, and out of balance.

There is no perfection, so please realize the people who are capable of ‘balancing their lifestyle’ also ‘slip in the mud.’ The question is: How can balance outweigh falls?

Mental balance is comparing the value of one situation over another.

You have heard the saying, ‘strike a happy balance’. In the world, stage politicians are concerned with the balance of power, the balance of trade, the balance of payments.

At home, front balance is all about time management. It is about coping with our several daily to-dos. Often, we become so overwhelmed we feel smothered.

I think mental balance is being mindful. If done effectively, we don’t have to down-size our life; we have to ‘right’ size our lifestyle.

Empty your mind of all the things that prevent you from living a calm and stress-free lifestyle. This includes people, commitments and responsibilities that no longer interest you. I know this is very hard.

Go from overwhelmed to organized. Eliminate books you have read, clothes you no longer wear even those with a price tag. Clean and freshen your make-up drawer, remembering less is more. File your important papers with labels, so you don’t waste time searching.

Organizing your resources and your time is not hard. Try cleaning up as your starter. This will be the beginning of your process of mental balance.

Writing things down in order of importance clears and frees my mind from having to remember this, that and the other. I undertake each task in order of relevance, all visually organized on paper. This is huge for me. My mind is now clutter-free, which creates mental balance.

Put your mind to work on the essentials. It often happens that while I am doing something important my mind suddenly loses focus, and my thoughts migrate to something that is not essential.

I have learned to force myself to stay focused on what I am doing. I push the stray thought out of my mind and say to myself, “stay focused on your intentions.” This is hard, but I am learning. For me, this is a skill.

Enjoy the silence of the day. Too much negativity has a negative effect on our minds. I think this disrupts all chance of living a lifestyle of mental balance. How can one balance their thoughts and be productive with arguing commentators and guests in the background?

Disconnect from the tech world to a degree. You all know what I mean.

Delegate tasks that burden you. You can hire an intern for college credit or hire a college helper and give her room and board. Where there is will, there is a way to find mental balance in your life.

Learn to say “No.” Don’t be afraid. This is a powerful tool.

Do not forget the most important people in your life – your family!

Don’t forget to acknowledge ‘YOU.’

Finding balance can be difficult, but it’s a challenge that is well worth the work. Focusing on the things that truly matter to you, and minimizing those that don’t, is a sure way to enjoy this great balancing act called life.

What is the biggest thing that prevents you from living a balanced life? How do you stay focused on what’s important? What is your best quality that allows you to lead a balanced lifestyle? Please join the conversation below!

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