Summer Jewelry for Staying Cool and Looking Chic

If you live in the northern hemisphere as I do, the summer season has fully arrived. To keep me cool and comfortable while temperatures rise, I’m wearing mainly cottons and linens. Although I tend to wear the same colors all year-round, I do have some summer-only clothes, shoes and handbags.

Even when the heat sets in, I still want to look fashionable whenever I leave the house. So, I’ve also shifted my jewelry to lighter pieces, in terms of colors, materials and motifs.

When I think of summer colors, I think of white, of course, as well as coral, turquoise, pale jade, spring green, yellow and other pastels. I also like red as an accent to lighter hues.

When I put together a collection of vintage jewels that reflect the lightness of the season, I focused on these colors. I also looked for pieces that just say “fun.” Let’s see if you agree.

These long, screw-back Art Deco earrings are from the 1920s. The pair on the left (2″ long) is made from Celluloid, an early plastic; the color is called “apple juice.” The red pair on the right is 3 ¼” long. Both pairs have lots of movement and are fun to wear.


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