These Casual Looks Will Bring Out Your Inner Goddess

When it comes to fashion for women over 60, is it possible to look great and feel comfortable? Is it possible to be casual, creative and stunning? Of course! The video below walks us through how to assemble a creative look that turns heads. International fashionista Melanie Payge will also use our special guest, Anna Maria, to explain several fashion principles that all of us can apply.

Some of the best advice for those in the workforce is to “dress for the job that you want.” This same principle can be applied to the fun-loving, creative side of life, as well. In this case, dress for the happiness you want to feel.

It’s time to debunk the ageist myth that women over 60 must dress like dowdy grannies in polyester pants and orthopedic shoes. We are smart, fun, creative souls and our wardrobes should reflect our inner beauty and carefree spirits. In the above video, Anna Maria picked four outfits that would make her feel happy.

Following a few simple fashion principles, you too can fill your wardrobe with pieces that match your fun-loving, casual, and creative personality.

Perfect Skimmers from TALBOTS
  • Pick pieces that are light and comfortable, yet still have personality and playfulness to them. Embroidery is back in style, and combined with linen fabric, you know your skin can breathe freely.
bright colors and bold patterns Chico's
  • When selecting a creative piece, be sure to follow the rules of finding the perfect fit.
  • Accept your body type and any imperfections you may have.
  • Have fun and be yourself! Your clothes are only an outward representation of who you are inside.

Do you like casual and creative clothes? When it comes to fashion for women over 60, do you think that there are any styles or patterns we should avoid? How do you feel about embracing your own inner fashionista? Join the conversation!

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