Which Holiday Challenge to Choose?

I know that not everyone likes holiday fitness challenges. For some of us I know it just feels like too much, one more thing, and added stress over an already action packed, frazzly time of year. If that’s you, look away! I get it. I get that challenges of this sort aren’t fun and motivational for all. I am not interested in changing minds. This morning, I want to preach to the choir.

I like holiday fitness challenges for providing some structure through the chaotic holiday season. I enjoy taking part in them.

A friend sent me the rowing challenge–100 km or 200 km in a month. She’s about 6000 metres away from hitting her 5 million metre mark!

Since I usually only row 2-5 km at a time, that’s quite a bit of rowing for me, given how much I also ride my bike on the trainer. Yes, there are bike ergs but that’s not my thing really.

If you’re a runner, there’s always the holiday running streak.

No, not this kind of streak.

Image of a naked woman running which reads, “Wait, I thought you said we were all going streaking.”

I used to love my holiday running streaks. See here and here and here. I’ve tried to do bike versions but my heart wasn’t in it really. It just made me miss running.

Streak Sam

But for you, if you’re a runner, here are the details about the holiday run streak.

See This Is the Winter Challenge You Need to Stay Motivated: “The rules are simple: Run at least one mile per day, every day, starting on Thanksgiving (November 25) and ending on New Year’s Day (January 1). That’s 38 consecutive days of running. You don’t need to officially sign up anywhere. Just go out and do it. Five of our editors have committed to joining you out on the roads and trails through the ice, snow, darkness, and turkey-induced comas.” #RWRunStreak

And for cyclists, there’s the Festive 500.

Festive 500
Photo from Unsplash. Children in Santa costumes riding bikes.

It’s a more compressed time period. When I rode at the track we had a training camp that week. But this year I’ll likely be heading south for a combo biking and boating holiday that week. So no Festive 500 for me.

The upshot is that none of these challenges fit really.

I will definitely be trying to make it to 5500 km ridden this year.

One possibility is committing to riding every day for the month–November 25 to December 25–and and making the 5500 km.

How about you? Any holiday challenges heading your way?


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